By attending a Power Line Interference Workshop Presented by RFI Services’ Michael C Martin

A big part in performing a job safely is eliminating the unnecessary work and only making the repairs it takes to properly complete the task. Eliminate the time consuming and incorrect methods that increase man-hours!

This training is for everyone involved in the process of investigating and solving radio interference (RFI) problems. We provide comprehensive classroom demonstrations, technical and practical explanations from hands on field experience that will reduce the time and expense of locating the causes of interference complaints. The class will locate actual power line interference sources in the field using a variety of methods and equipment (weather permitting). Be a part of the most effective and interesting classroom and field training available.

 You will: Perform the most efficient methods of pinpointing and eliminating power line and customer owned electrical interference problems. Improve your efficiency using your equipment and recognize the difference between inside and outside noise sources starting with the first phone contact. Understand the causes and how to eliminate them. Recognize the complaint source from other noises in the area, eliminating the cost of performing unnecessary repairs. Fix only the problem affecting the customer, not every noise in the area.

About your instructor: Michael Martin owns and operates the RFI locating & training firm called RFI Services. He’s been locating interference sources and training utility service providers full time for over 40 years and solves hundreds of interference complaints a year. He evaluates all the locating equipment on the market and makes recommendations to the manufacturers for improvements. Mike has received acknowledgments in publications such as AC Power Interference Handbook * Popular Mechanics * IBEW Journal * T&D Magazine * Journal of The American Radio Relay League and more. Michael is multi-licensed by the FCC and considered to be the most experienced Interference Investigator in the country.

AGENDA: What causes power line interference; Locating equipment & techniques; Actual field Training; Correction and Prevention; Stop replacing hardware to resolve noise issues; Eliminate or repair only the exact device causing the complaint; Identify complaint sources before an on-site investigation; Stories from the field; Stopping bad habits, working safer and much more.

Quotes from previous workshops: The problems, equipment and solutions all presented in a what really works presentation, not just theory. If you want to learn about solving RFI problems, this workshop is a must. * We were having a difficult time locating sources affecting our system and Mike put an end to our locating difficulties. * The entire class was great. It was great to have an instructor who not only knows the material, but also works the job full time. * Mike is very organized and keeps you interested and is an inspiring speaker. * The course and instructor are A+. * This was the most cost-effective training we’ve ever attended. * Mike was able to communicate to the engineers and linemen, covering the theory and practice very well. * I was amazed at the speed in which Mr. Martin located the sources of our complaints and he continues to be a valuable resource. * During our tailgate meeting on the day Mike arrived to assist us, he explained how the progress would go and a couple of us laughed. By lunch time we were laughing at ourselves. We were amazed at the progress we were making in such a short time. 

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