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Michael C. Martin


Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) services

P.O. Box 411 , Tracys Landing, MD 20779
Tel 240-508-3760    Email us here for more information.

Welcome to

We Provide Electrical Interference Investigation and Training.
Also annual workshops training utility personnel to locate and eliminate sources of interference.
As the evolution of RFI Services continues, We want to be your most valuable resource for solving radio electrical interference problems.
If you are interested in the subject of power line interference, RFI Services will be your most valuable resource.

Mike Martin owns and operates RFI Services, a firm dedicated exclusively to RFI Locating & Training. Mike has been locating interference sources and training all types of utility companies full time for over 25 years and solves hundreds of complaints a year. He takes advantage of the opportunity to test all RFI locating equipment and makes recommendations to the manufacturers for improvements. He has received acknowledgments in many publications including: AC Power Interference Handbook * AC Power Interference Manual * Power Line Interference, A Practical Handbook * Popular Mechanics * T&D Magazine * The American Radio Relay League Journal and The ARRL RFI Book. Mike is multi-licensed by the FCC and considered to be the most experienced Interference Investigator in the country.

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)

RFI is any unwanted signal, which prevents reception of the best possible signal from the source (Radio, TV station…) you want to receive. RFI may prevent reception altogether, it may cause a temporary loss of the desired signal, or it may affect the quality of the sound or picture produced by your equipment. RFI to electronic equipment is a frustrating problem and many times an indication of a hazardous condition; fortunately there is a solution.

The Model MM-1 RFI Clip Applicator is now available at
Mark Electronics. Call 301-595-5040 ask for Scott

The MM-1 hotstick mounted tool makes installing RFI clips between insulating units an easy task and
is a necessity for backyard feeders.

Here I'm utilizing the "Marv Loftness oscilloscope method" of viewing and recording a noise signature using a receiver designed for RFI Locating.
This is the first and most important step of the source locating process and may need to be repeated several times during an investigation.

This step is frequently excluded and that's a very costly mistake.

Here I'm pinpointing the exact source of the noise on the structure with an ultrasonic locator.
I use ultra-sound as one of the final steps in the process.

It's important to note that every step of the locating process is only as good as your success in the proceeding step. There's no time for short cuts.