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Michael C. Martin


Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) services

P.O. Box 411 , Tracys Landing, MD 20779
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Presented by RFI Services

Utilities are under tremendous pressure to cut costs while improving customer loyalty. This course provides comprehensive hands on field experience included with classroom demonstrations that will reduce the time spent on interference complaints.

You will: Perform the most efficient methods of pinpointing and eliminating Power Line, BPL and customer owned electrical interference problems. Improve your efficiency using your equipment and recognise the difference between inside and outside noise sources starting with the first telephone contact. Understand the causes and how to eliminate them. Recognise the complaint source from other noises in the area, eliminating the cost of performing unnecessary repairs. "Fix Only The Problem Affecting The Customer." Prevent problems beginning with construction.

This workshop is for technicians, linemen, engineers and all personnel responsible for solving RFI/TVI & BPL problems. Which includes those involved with the design, operation, maintenance & construction and training on Utility T&D, Substation, BPL, Cable TV, Telephone systems and customer information personnel.

You will locate actual power line interference sources while field demonstrating a variety of methods and equipment. To give the attention necessary, workshop registration is limited and not open to vending. However, venders are a frequant attendee. If your company uses, manufactures, sells or has the need for interference locating equipment, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Be a part of the most effective and interesting classroom and field training available.

About your instructor :

Mike Martin owns and operates RFI Services, a firm dedicated exclusively to RFI locating & training. He’s been locating interference sources and training utility service providers full time for over 25 years and solves hundreds of interference complaints a year. He evaluates all the locating equipment on the market and makes recommendations to the manufacturers for improvements. Mike has received acknowledgments in publications such as AC Power Interference Handbook * Popular Mechanics * IBEW Journal * T&D Magazine * Journal of The American Radio Relay League * The ARRL RFI Book and more. Mike is multi-licensed by the FCC and considered to be the most experienced Interference Investigator in the country.

AGENDA (Condensed):

What causes interference; The most common sources & how to recognize them; Locating equipment & techniques; Correction and Prevention; Power Line Interference Source Locating in the Field; Stop replacing insulators and transformers; Customer sources and how to locate them; Identify inside noises from outside noise sources. Repair only the source of the complaint. Learn methods of tracking down those difficult to find noises affecting BPL systems.

Quotes from previous workshops:

* A comprehensive approach. The problems, the equipment and solutions all presented in a what really works presentation… Not just theory. If you want to learn about solving RFI/TVI problems, this workshop is a must.
* We were having a very difficult time solving noise effecting our BPL system. Mike put an end to our locating difficulties. Now we're locating them with ease.
* Very informative. Mike took a highly technical, complex subject and made it simple and easy to understand. It made me realize we can do much more for our customers.
* The entire class was great. It was great to have instructors who not only knows the material, but also works the job full time.
* Mike is very organized and keeps you interested. A very good and inspiring speaker.
* Since the last workshop, my job has become a real pleasure, instead of the "dreaded" assignment. It was even better this time.
* The guess work and lengthy work requests are a thing of the past, quick and accurate locating from now on.
* Wonderful and in depth information for finding and eliminating power line noise sources. The course and instructor is A+. This was the most cost effective training we've ever had.
* There wasn’t a tired eye in the class. It was extremely interesting.
* The most applicable training we have ever had. We've had the equipment and now we know how to use it.
* Mike was able to communicate to the engineers and linemen, covering the theory and practice very well.
* I was amazed at the speed in which Mr. Martin located the sources of our complaints.

Workshop includes: The most beneficial training available, handouts, class & field materials, and a certificate of completion. Lunch provided both days.

You're encouraged to bring your own locating equipment.

Registration Fee is still $995.00 per person

Checks and All major Credit Cards Accepted

For more information contact:

RFI Services, Mike Martin

P.O. Box 411 Tracy's Landing MD 20779

Tel 240-508-3760


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